Waterproof Smart Watch

To achieve swimming-grade waterproof, Waterproof Smart Watch needs to solve the industry problems:
(1) Components such as speakers and MICs need to be able to talk, transmit sound, and be highly waterproof. This requires new high-grade waterproof components.
(2) In the middle of various structural parts such as camera, screen, etc., it is necessary to seal with high waterproof glue, and at the same time ensure that the seal is not crushed by high water pressure.
(3) Because the battery will bring different temperature inside the body, the air in the body will expand and contract. This requires the balance of air pressure between the inside and the outside of the product. At the same time, it is necessary to make the swimming level waterproof. Otherwise, the product will not be air pressure. Balance the damaged structure.
(4) The place where the telephone card is installed and the body must be made of a high waterproof structure to ensure waterproofing under high water pressure.
(5) To make swimming-grade waterproof electronic products, before the manufacturing and tailoring, you need various tests, tests, and finally ensure that the final large-volume products can achieve high waterproofing, consider customizing various manufacturing equipment, instruments and adding each The process is costly and complicated.
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