Excellent design is not only to show the difference of MP3, but also one of the most important signs to determine the quality of it.
The shape must be ingenious. Since it is not easy to develop MP3 molds, and there are certain exterior design patents, manufacturers will inevitably position these products as high-end models, and they will be more thoughtful. The matching of colors is very important. Usually, senior designers pay great attention to this aspect.
They don't have to be colorful, but they must be matched reasonably, making MP3 look more elegant and elegant. The user has a strong visual impact, especially for those tailored to the fashion beauty MM, the color is more attractive than any function. In addition, after the high-grade paint processing, the outer casing is not easily faded, which can be seen from the color reflection of the outer casing.
Support format
The MP3 format is the most commonly used. It supports a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz, and the bit rate that can be used is generally 8-256 Kbps. Different MP3 products have different support ranges for sampling rate and bit rate. Of course, the wider the supported range, the better the sampling rate can support 48KHz. For dynamic encoding VBR, the file size can be made smaller under the same sound quality, and some machines cannot support it.
WMA is a format promoted by Microsoft, and the compression ratio is generally 5-192Kbps. In the same sound quality, WMA can be smaller than the MP3 format file, so an MP3 player with this function equals the memory capacity in disguise. Also remind friends that when using WMP compressed files that come with Windows, you need to remove the copyright protection option, otherwise the pressed WMA file cannot be played on MP3; the WMA files downloaded from the Internet are encrypted, so Players that support WMA may also be unable to play.
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