MP3 Player

In terms of material selection, the metal is the best, the rubber is the second, and the engineering plastic is the worst. Of course, this is not to say that metal-made MP3s are good goods, but metals are relatively more resistant, and they look more beautiful, more textured and graded.
The so-called "the expert has a shot, you know there is no", touch the shell of the MP3, see if it is easy, you can roughly judge the material quality of MP3. Workmanship mainly depends on the nuances of the product and the connection position between the parts. If the casing is spliced urgently (especially the position of the battery cover), the buttons are soft and comfortable, and there is no problem of burrs and unevenness of the body, which is basically a pass.
Frequency response range
The frequency of the sound that can be heard by the human ear is 20-20000 Hz. Sounds below 20 Hz and above 20 kHz are not distinguishable by the human ear. However, the frequency response range is between 50Hz and 18KHz. It should be OK. The current MP3 should be able to reach this frequency response range. However, the frequency response range is different from the sampling rate, so avoid confusion.
MP3 has more and more functions. Like PDAs and mobile phones, MP3 has developed into a multi-functional aspect, absorbing the functions of other products as much as possible in order to increase the selling point of products.
●Removable hard disk: The computer directly recognizes MP3 as a mobile memory, which can store various files other than music.
● Firmware upgrade: Resolve known software and hardware failures after the product is released, and add new features.
●Folder browsing: Store different songs by folder, and play it as this unit. It is not necessary to put all MP3s in the same directory to improve management ease of use.
●Multi-language: mainly supports Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean, Japanese, English, and some models even have 26 languages.
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