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SpeechTrans Wristband Watch : A small step towards the Babel Fish 2

The bracelet, the SpeechTrans Bluetooth Wristband Watch, is from SpeechTrans, a company that specializes, as you might have guessed, in speech translation.

SpeechTrans offers a broad range of speech translation systems for both consumers and businesses that are really impressive, covering, as they do, 44 different languages that can be translated in real time.

The Wristband extends these services and is a cool idea. It acts as a remote speaker and microphone as well as being capable of answering calls and displaying the time. What’s really cool is when it is the input and output device for the SpeechTrans products (available for Windows, iOS, and Android).

Now, imagine you’re out and about in, say, Paris, and you crave something doughnut-like, so you walk in a patisserie to purchase a croissant and realize you have no idea what the French is for "Shopkeeper. I'd like a croissant to go, please."

With the SpeechTrans app, which uses Nuance's Dragon software to translate the language being spoken loaded on your smartphone, you speak your statement in English and voila! Out of the bracelet, spoken in French, comes "Commerçant. Je voudrais un croissant à aller, s'il vous plaît." C'est magnifique!