Pocket GPS

All the advantages of Pocket GPS devices, cameras, PDAs, and mobile phones, this single, compact device that can be placed in a pocket provides a range of practical tools for the workforce, so there are fewer batteries to be charged and devices that need to be operated. The camera is ready and your field team can accurately record everything you see on the spot. Trimble Juno combines photos with GPS so that photos can be geotagged immediately for future reference.
In addition, the collaboration capabilities of the outside industry are significantly improved, as photos can be sent directly from the field to the office. For standard positioning applications, such as navigation, high-sensitivity receivers provide optimized positioning rates, allowing you to quickly get location information under harsh conditions. In areas covered by SBAS, real-time positioning accuracy of 2 to 5 meters is always available. In addition, with simple post-processing, the accuracy can be further increased to 1 to 3 meters to meet company or regulatory standards.
Easy to use
Pocket GPS is easy to use. Press the "Lock" button to store your location and anytime, anywhere. When you are ready to return, press the Back button and it will guide you back to your saved location from the farthest 9,999 miles.
Fast GPS reception
The sensitive GPS receiver provides faster acquisition times and improved tracking and is capable of tracking up to 32 satellites in 60 seconds. Provides tracking distances of up to 9,999 miles.
Long battery life
It provides approximately 10 hours of typical use during active tracking, with 16 days of standby throughout the day. Charging the battery takes approximately 1.5 hours.
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