GPS Watch

This product is suitable for: GPS dual positioning, heart rate monitoring, ECG monitoring, calorie calorie, SOS help, monitoring and other comprehensive platforms. Learn about the dynamics of product wearers anytime, anywhere, and make life easier. It is especially suitable for the safety and health of middle-aged and elderly children and children. It can help families solve problems and provide social security services.
The GPS watch is designed in both watch and hanging styles, and it also satisfies the function of viewing time. The device incorporates the world's first crystallization of point-to-point positioning technology and is the first application of this technology in practical products. Different from the traditional GPS, the monitoring system is different.
In the application process of the GPS watch, the guardian can directly query the specific location of the ward by SMS, without going through the platform system, without paying the platform monthly fee; it is convenient and accurate, and other GPS is removed. The monthly monthly fee for the monitoring product to be paid.
Another highlight of GPS watches is the clear loudspeaker function. Unlike other monitors, GPS watches can talk directly to the guardian without wearing headphones, and the sound is quite clear. It not only ensures the quality of the call, but also facilitates communication, and avoids the difficulty of using the insured person due to inconvenience.
The use of the GPS watch is also very simple. It only needs to be loaded with a SIM card to bind the GPS watch to the monitoring mobile phone. The guardian can directly track the specific geographical location information of the ward by the SMS, including the address, image and latitude and longitude.
Compared with the function of GPS Watch, its material and styling design are also very important. The use of smart bracelets with ergonomic design and ergonomic design will not cause discomfort under long-term wear. At present, most smart bracelets are made of medical grade rubber. Other bracelets use a small amount of ABS engineering plastic or metal.
However, because everyone has different requirements for comfort, and a few people will have an allergic reaction to some metal materials, many manufacturers now use non-metallic materials on the bracelet to minimize allergies to metals.
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