Vibration wake up
The GPS-enabled smart bracelet has a built-in vibration component, and it has a very special feature that wakes you up in vibration. The user can select the wristband alarm in the settings to activate the vibration wake-up function, set the time and save it, or set reminders for important events. This kind of wake-up or reminder is much healthier than an alarm, because research shows that being woken up by an alarm clock can cause emotions such as palpitation and depression, and even affect people's memory, cognition, and computational speed.
Sleep tracking
The user presses the metal cap before going to bed and wakes up, so that last night's sleep data, including the time and quality of sleep, can be synchronized to the phone or tablet via the smart bracelet. The smart bracelet clearly records four things: sleep time, deep sleep time, light sleep time and waking time.
In addition to recording the day's sleep data, this week's sleep situation, and the daily data is vivid. Color illustration. Finally, you can also view this week's sleep situation and share the data on Weibo, WeChat and other mainstream social platforms, communicate with your friends about your sleep, and analyze the results of the bracelet for your sleep adjustment.
Motion monitoring
The most important function of the smart bracelet with GPS is non-motion monitoring, which records the number of steps the user walks in a detailed and accurate manner. The user can view the data of the smart bracelet synchronization through the mobile phone, mainly including the time of the day, the idle time, the movement distance, the walking steps and the energy consumption.
Users who usually exercise less can be completed according to the set goals, such as setting up a walk of 50,000 steps within 24 hours. Users who work in the office sit still for a long time, and the smart bracelet can also detect and remind you to do some simple stretching exercises, and exercise your muscles to prevent muscle strain. Smart bracelets also calculate calories burned based on age, gender, height, weight, and intensity and time of activity.
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